Choose the theme of your thesis in 8 steps

Choosing a theme for your thesis or easy task, and often it is not the most fun part of the job. Even so, it is extremely important to choose a current and relevant topic. With a well-chosen theme you ensure you can write a good qualitative work, plus it will make the process much more pleasant for you.

Steps to choose your theme

1st step: Check the requirements of your studies to make your thesis. Do you have to choose a topic from a list or can you choose the one you want? And do you have to comply with some special terms or conditions?

2nd step: Decide what kind of research you want to do. Do you simply want to compare bibliography, or do you prefer to carry out your own research, as for example in an experimental investigation? Do you want to use existing information or will you collect it yourself?

3rd step: Select a global research discipline. Keep in mind that there are some disciplines that have more information than others.

4th step: Within your global research discipline, look for current articles. Each field has its main professional journals. At least, make sure that a couple of articles from these professional journals have something in common with your research.

To inspire you, you can enter your research area on the main search engine’s website for academic resources,

5th step: Select a more specific characteristic within your research discipline. Can you explain the topic of your thesis in a few words?

Step 6: Make a list of the 3 main themes for your thesis.

Step 7: Show the list to your classmates or friends. If you are enthusiastic about the topic of your thesis, you already know that it is good.

8th Step: Of those three themes, select the one that gives you the best vibrations.


Take into account the requirements of your university and studies. Sometimes you must choose the theme of your thesis within a closed list offered by your university.

Choose a current theme It is easier to find information about something current than about an old investigation, which has not been talked about recently. Search recent articles and blogs using Google (Scholar). You can also use LexisNexis: a database where you can easily search for articles about your research area. Often your university will give you access to LexisNexis.

Make sure there are enough scientific sources for your chosen topic. For this, it is best to look in the main journals of your field of research. It is always a good idea to review the latest editions of some of these professional journals.

Try to find a commercial point of view within your research area. It can help you later when you try to find work in your area of expertise.
A practical investigation can take a long time. If you do not want to invest so much time in your thesis, try to avoid this kind of research. Instead of doing the research yourself, you can extract the information from existing databases. This way you save a lot of time, but it also makes your work less unique.

Choice of topic within a company

If you are going to write your thesis for a company, you must make sure that your colleagues and supervisor within the company accept the topic you have chosen.

It is important that the topic is relevant to the company; In this way, you know for sure that you can ask for help within the company when you need it.

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