Cite bibliography in the text according to APA 2017 standards

When you use a bibliographic citation, you must quote it directly in the text. APA 2017 standards require that you always write down the author and the year of publication.

Basic rules to quote in the text

It is important to remember that you should cite all types of sources in the same way. For example, there is no difference between a book and a Facebook message. However, there is a difference between referring to a bibliographic citation and paraphrasing or summarizing a source.

When you quote within the text, you should always write down the author and the year of publication of that source. If you use a bibliographic citation, then you must also mention the page number of this.


Paraphrase / summarize: Author and year of publication
Bibliographic citation: Author, year of publication and page number

When you use the first option, always put the font before the end point. That is, the end point of the sentence always goes after the source. Always use a comma to separate the author from the year of publication.

Multiple authors

Does the bibliographic citation have more than one author? When they have three or more authors, the rules change a bit.

Two authors For two authors, you use the letter “y” to separate the last names of the authors.

Three, four or five authors In the first reference in the text, you must write all the authors. In the following references, just write the name of the first author followed by “et al”.

Six or more authors Here, you should only write down the name of the first author followed by “et al”. Attention! If this abbreviation makes the reference identical to another source in the same year, then add extra authors until the sources can be distinguished. Remember that whenever you stop writing names of authors you must add “et al”.

Rules for the format of the appointments according to APA 2017 standards
The more you always specify the page number of the source when you reference an appointment, the APA also has rules about the format of the appointment. For example, there are differences between a quotation of less than 40 words and one that exceeds them.

Appointment without page number
The sources that we obtain from Internet pages do not usually incorporate the page number. If the source has the paragraph number, use it in the place of the page number. The abbreviation is “para.”

You will find that many internet sources do not include the paragraph number either. If there is a title for the text, then take this and count from there to determine the paragraph where the quote appears.

If the title is too long, you can shorten it in the reference.

An appointment within another appointment
Using a bibliographic citation that is cited within another citation is known as an indirect reference. APA 2017 standards require that you include both the indirect source and the current source.

Exceptions when citing sources in the text according to APA 2017 standards
During the writing of your work, you will find some exceptions. The APA has created a standard for each exception and we have compiled them into a complete version.

Indicate the source in the list of references

Remember that you have to cite the bibliography in the text but APA 2017 standards require that you also add those sources to the list of references.

Use the APA Generator
All these rules and exceptions are automatically applied to our free APA Generator.

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